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Falsterbo Bird Show

2nd – 4th September 2016



Presentation: Cuba – Endemics, West Indians and North Americans

Carl-Axel Bauer tells us and shows pictures of a birdwatching trip to Cuba with all its endemic species, amongst them the world’s smallest bird, the Bee Hummingbird. However Cuba is also an outstanding introduction to the bird life of the West Indies, with additional species from both the Bahamas and Hispaniola. There are also many over-wintering birds from North America – especially wood-warblers. Carl-Axel Bauer is a keen glo...

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2015-09-04 THE BLACKBIRD
Falsterbo Bird Show

Falsterbo Bird Show is an annual nature and environmental fair focusing on birds. The aim is to increase public interest in nature in general and birds in particular and generate funding for bird protection and conservation. In this year’s edition of the fair children and family activities will have a prominent place alongside a variety of outdoor experiences for everyone.

Falsterbo Bird Show takes place every year at the end of August/beginning of September. Since 2015 i the event will take place in and around Falsterbo Strandbad, in immediate proximity to the terminus for busses 100 and 300.

Vellinge kommunSveriges Ornitologiska Förening (SOF) and Skånes Ornitologiska Förening (SkOF) are organizing Falsterbo Bird Show.

How to find us

Take either bus 300 (from Hyllie) or bus 100 (from Malmö Central) to “Falsterbo Strandbad” (find bus times, departures and information on how to purchase tickets on www.skanetrafiken.se). Stay on the bus until the last stop! There you are!

This Year´s Programme

This year’s programme will be even more comprehensive than previous years. The number of exhibitors is increasing constantly and several new activities are scheduled. Thursday’s programme is aimed at children and their teachers at kindergartens and schools. The gates to the event open to the general public at noon on Friday. A weekend programme packed with exhibitions, excursions, lectures, entertainment, competitions, culinary highs and friendly company culminates with "the Honey Buzzard Day" throughout Sunday, including scholarship and prize announcements.
Falsterbo Bird Show once again offers a full and varied programme for every taste. Falsterbo Strandbad will be the hub of activities taking place.

Bird Protection
Migrating birds are international travelers, passing national boundaries unhindered during their migration. This means that the birds that for a few short summer months are at our latitude to reproduce during the year are otherwise on the move or at their winter quarters. All the birds that occur naturally in Sweden are protected according to the EU Birds Directive. This is also the case in the other Member States of the EU.
Activities for Children
This year we will once again make a special commitment to children and their teachers concentrating on pre-school and junior and secondary schools. Thursday 4th of September will be completely given over to children’s activities and learning with a special programme designed for all the children who will participate this year. The activities will continue on Friday. On Friday there will be, as for Saturday and Sunday, continuous activities for children on the programme.